June 11th Update:

Great first night of fun! We’ve watched the Livebarn footage of games to match up scores and stats. Game pages scorelines may be off, but score and player stats are accurate.

We will be doing some roster changes and we will be adjusting line changes, and after goals to improve fair play.

We are so excited for the first season of Summer Pond Hockey in Chilliwack!


Monday, June 10 – 5:30pm (Coliseum)

Monday, June 17 – 6:30pm (Coliseum)

Monday, June 24 – 6:45pm (Coliseum)

Tuesday, July  2 – 5:15pm (SSC3)

Monday, July 8 – 5:30pm (Coliseum)

Monday, July 15 – 5:30pm (Coliseum)

Monday, July 22 – 5:30pm (Coliseum)