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  • 3 on 3 Summer Pond Hockey League Rules

    1. Game Duration

    • Each game will consist of a single 24-minute period without any breaks.

    2. Line Changes

    • Line changes occur every two minutes, signaled by a buzzer. Changes will be live, with no faceoffs following the change.

    3. Puck Out of Bounds

    • If the puck goes out of bounds, the team that did not touch it last gains possession at the point where the puck went out.

    4. Scoring Disparity Rule

    • If a team leads by three goals, the opposing team is allowed to add an extra player to the ice until the goal difference is less than three.
    • If a team is up by four goals, the opposing team is allowed to add a 5th player to the ice until the goal difference is less than four.

    5. Player Goal Limit

    • Each player is limited to scoring a maximum of three goals per game. Any goals scored by a player beyond this limit will not be counted.

    6. Penalties

    • Any infraction will result in a penalty shot awarded to the non-offending team.

    7. Post-Goal Play

    • There are no faceoffs after goals; the team that was scored upon will gain possession of the puck.

    8. Puck Freezes

    • If the puck is frozen by the goalie, there are no faceoffs; the defending team gets the puck and the opposing team must retreat to give space.

    9. Game Play

    • Standard ice hockey rules apply unless stated otherwise in this document.
    • No checking is allowed.

    10. Equipment

    • All players must wear appropriate hockey gear. This includes helmets, skates, gloves, neck guards, and appropriate padding.
    • Goalies must wear full goalie equipment.

    11. Officiating

    • Games will be officiated. Please respect our referees decisions.

    12. Points and Standings

    • Teams will receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.
    • Standings will be updated weekly and posted on the league’s website.

    13. Sportsmanship

    • Good sportsmanship is expected from all players and spectators. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in penalties or ejection from the game.